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The area around Durbuy and Aisne is lovely to wander around in. The hiker has a wide range of numbered walks to choose from, ranging from fairly short and easy trips to longer -12 km and longer -walks. But also by car or by scooter you come across unexpected places.

Les pierres de légendes

Walk number 12, starting at the Col de Rideux (Heyd) with connection at walk number 10 (Wéris).

Wéris lies between Aisne and Durbuy and is famous for its prehistoric site with megaliths. The menhirs and dolmens were erected between 3500 and 3000 BC. Walk 10, the "Circuit des Pierres des légendes" passes Le Lit du Diable and the menhir Pire Hena -the stone of the ancients. We departed from the Col de Rideux at Heyd (at walking distance from the cottage at Aisne) and did a bit of hiking on No. 12 until we could connect on No. 10 that led us along the prehistoric quarry. The view from the site of the Pir Hena is always spectacular. Take the car to the Col de Rideux and count on 10km on foot.

Li Peûre, my favourite hike

From Mormont to Clerheyd and back.

This walk goes through forest and open fields, which gives it a nice variation of views. You also have a steep climb, it goes for nearly 2 km long upward, but you get some very beautiful panoramas in return. The road goes to Clerheyd and leads along a fairytale village with wooden bridges and towers. It is an educational project of the local school.

The trip is almost 11km but never boring.
Walking Map Erezée-Manhay, hiking No. 10

Bois de Viné

From Borlon to (almost) Longueville,
a few kilometers north of Durbuy.

Between Septon, Borlon and Longueville runs and a walk along the Bois de Viné. Great variation between beech forest and meadow, some beautiful views towards Oneux. The road hardly descends and rises what makes it definitely not one of the most tiring.

Walk 3 on map Barvaux-Bomal-Durbuy-Grandhan-Villers-Wéris. 6.7 km.

Three star hike starting in Jenneret

Marvellous tour, recommended in every season.

A trip of almost 12km, but mostly on good roads and there is possibility to go have a drink at La Ferme des Oliviers (in Bende just leave the route, Chemin de la Vieille Chapelle 21). Jenneret, where the walk begins, is with its castle and the 18th century cottages one of our favorite villages. But the castle of Amas, about halfway, is nice as well. The scenery is impressive in any season.

Walk 3 on map Barvaux-Bomal-Durbuy-Grandhan-Villers-Wéris. 11,8 km.

Hike 15 starting in Villers-Ste-Gértrude

Woods, fields and panoramas.

A walk which is worthwhile in every season, is No. 15 "Ferme de Strasbourg" which departs from Villers-Ste-Gertrude. The walk runs trough Ozo (Goats Farm) and goes along the menhir d'Ozo to Iziers and then back to Villers-Ste-Gertrude. The alternation between meadows and woods is a plus. Beautiful views.

Walking Map Barvaux-Bomal-Durbuy-Grandhan-Villers-Wéris. 8.2 km.

Hike 12, Al Coro, departing in Fanzel

I usually depart from the Col de Rideux but officially this walk starts in Fanzel, a village in the Aisne Valley. It goes up and down for 8 km, and you need to look for the right direction in Mormont where the walk seems to lead to a private garden. But a little further it continues through a meadow. The views you get are wide and green and make you realize what a beautiful piece of Belgium this is. Each season shows something else.
Bring water and provisions.


Number 12 on walking Map Erezée-Manhay. 8 km.

Walk Hambeu, starting in Dochamps

13 km woods and fields.

You need the time to drive to Dochamps, but at the church departs a walk with lots of variety. Pack a picnic or take a snack in the Parc Chlorophyll -they have a terrace with a splendid view. The tour itself is very varied in terms of landscape. Leaving the village, soon you'll be in the woods and just a little later you'll be on the edge of the field. As always, the road goes up and down, but even the less experienced hikers should handle this without problems. Just take your time and enjoy.

Walking Map Erezée-Manhay, No. 28.

Walk 13 departing at Col de Rideux

The blackberry walk.

Not a long walk, but it goes up and down. I call it the
"blackberry walk" because there is picking berries to do along most of the road. Very popular from mid-September to early October. Tasting deliciously sweet blackberries while enjoying forest and meadow with beautiful views of Villers-Ste-Gertrude across the valley. In any season worthwhile.

Walking Map Barvaux-Bomal-Durbuy-Grandhan-Villers-Wéris. 4,2 km.

Sansinri Erezée

Forest walk with a little WW II history.

This is a typical forest walk, especially on a sunny autumn day. Maybe even spectacular by snow. The walk starts at the old tram station of Forge à la Plez and lets you slowly climb to the Croix Ste Jehenne (480 m). From there it goes down along a mix of open spruce forest and deciduous forest. Along the way you encounter on an old hunting lodge (there is quite some hunting here during the season) where during World War II, the bodies were found from 5 German soldiers and two American soldiers who were on their way to the famous Easy Company who we know from the historical series Band of Brothers.

Walking Map Erezée-Manhay No. 1 Sansinri, 9 km.


A bit further away, but very spectacular.

You have to make to the valley of the Amblève. The Ninglispo is the only mountain river in Belgium. She rises quite high and has a drop of 200m to a length of 2.5km. You can walk up along waterfalls and bridges. The lowest (and first) part of the tour is very busy, but if you climb higher it is quieter. Count on a journey of 3.5 hours for a complete tour.

Set the GPS to Sedoz in Aywaille.

The caves of Hotton

70 meters deep wonder of nature.

On a rainy day you should definitely go and visit the beautiful caves of Hotton. They are the only caves in Wallonia that are fully classified as natural, and that's no understatement. The guide tells you all about the formation of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, lime and cinnamon eccentrics. At 16h the last guided tour usually has a limited number of participants, which is so much more enjoyable. Do not be fooled by our pictures, they are only a shadow of what it really is. Bring a warm coat, the temperature there is 53,6 degrees F.

Grottes de Hotton
Chemin du Spéléo Club 1-6990 Hotton
+32 (0) 84 46 60 46 -

The sources of the river Aisne
Turf moor at a stone throw away from Baraque de Fraiture.

This walk starts at Odeigne, where several cross-country skiing tracks are opened in case of snow. The first part of this 11 kilometer walk takes you through quiet woods, quickly you will cross the river Aisne, which is at that location not more than a streamlet. Approximately midway the walk is parallel to the N89 road. Here, the serenity has to make way for the sounds of traffic. But the walk rapidly turns back to the woods, where the swampy turf moor also begins. It is here that the sources of the river Aisne lay. This beautiful walk is one of many variation and pretty panorama's.

Walk 27, Napoléon, on the map Erezée-Manhay, 11 km

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