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No big-brand stores here, but some small shops with often local products.

Ôm Cosmos at Durbuy-Ville

Hand sculpted products, wooden toys, glassware, soaps, ...


The shop of a skilled man from the Himalayas who sells his own handiwork. Of course he also did the decoration of his cozy shop himself. You immediately feel his inspiration as you enter the place. Quality stuff from around the world on a few square meters area.

Rue des Récollectines, 19 - 6940 Durbuy-Ville
+32 (0)475 68 19 67

Taste-Tea at Durbuy-Ville

Tea, classic roasted coffee, artisan chocolate, ...

Durbuy has a reputation in the field of traditional (local) products and Taste Tea is completely on that line. A wide variety of everything that has to do with tea and coffee. Also for sale online.

Rue du Comte Théodule d'Ursel, 11 - 6940 Durbuy-Ville
+32 (0)86 34 90 45

L'Herbe Rouge at Durbuy-Ville

From furniture to scarf, and back again.

L'Herbe Rouge is difficult to summarize in a single category.
You will find both home decoration, lighting and furniture as clothing and accessories. As guests of La Goutte you might recognize a few things from this shop.


Rue Alphonse Eloy, 11, 6940 Durbuy-Ville 
+32 (0)86 38 70 74

Les Demoiselles at Durbuy-Ville
Self made jewels, clothes and accessories.

Just past the bridge, direction Barvaux, is a new store. The owner has her small studio where she makes and sells her own made gems. For not too much money you will find nice things. It pays to run just about 100m from the old center and find something nice.

Rue Compte d'Ursel, 39, 6940 Durbuy-Ville 
+32 (0)86 36 73 05

Que du Belge at Durbuy-Ville

Belgian products, but not the obvious chocolate and beers.

The name says it all, here only Belgian stuff. But not the obvious beers, cakes, waffles and chocolate but indeed the more exclusive things. Belgian wine for example. Belgian wine? Yes, Belgian wine. Or how about a cigar with tobacco from the Semois? A little liqueur? Of course also some of the best beers we have to offer. What did you expect? And quality chocolate, naturally. In short, only the better work. And everything Belgian. 

Rue Compte d'Ursel, 26, 6940 Durbuy-Ville 
+32 (0)84 05 88

Ferme Paquet at Morville

Homemade cow's cheese and jam.

On Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning the Mrs Paquet opens her little shop. She sells her homemade cheeses, yogurt, butter and milk, and fills her shelves with local products (jams, potatoes, fresh eggs and local beers). I buy there, among others, the flower I use to bake our bread. Once every two weeks she also has delicious ham from a farm in the neighbourhood.

Morville 23, 6940 Wéris
+32(0)86 21 35 60

Chèvrerie d'Ozo

Goat cheese, because it does not always has to be a cow thing.

In the center of the small village of Ozo is a goat farm where you can find superior goat cheese. You can find the cheese throughout Belgium, at the better cheeseshop, but fresh from the farm he tastes the best. The farm is well taken care of and you can visit the chamois-colored alpine goats in their stable.

Ozo, 25A, 6941 Izier
+32 (0) 86 40 02 66

Boucherie Bodson at Durbuy-Ville

Smoked Ardennes hams, sausages and fine meat.

Durbuy-Ville has hardly any shops where you can buy food. However, at Bodsons you can buy things for your breakfast or sandwiches. But the main reason you go there is because of the typical Ardennes meats. One of their specialties are the smoked hams and smoked sausages. During the season try the venison pasty.

Open every day from 8 to 18h, except Wednesday.

Rue Alphonse Eloy 2-6940 Durbuy
+32 (0) 86 21 16 28

La Ferme André

Large selection of bio-products.

La Ferme André professionalised and built a beautiful and spacious shop next to the farm where you can find the largest assortment of organic products from the region. Compare it a bit with a modest version of a Bio-Planet.

Rue de Méan, 11
5374 Maffe
+32 (0)86 32 12 98

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